Welcome to 3D Gif Maker, where you can easily make 3D gifs and webms from your 2D photos

  • Simply upload an image and pick from one of our animation options. You can add meme text on top of your images and change the background color.
  • To make a transparent gif, upload a transparent png and click on the "edit background color" button, then click on the checkerboard pattern in the top right corner of the modal that opens.
  • You can export your creation as a gif or a webm and choose the size.
  • To get an idea of how this site works, upload an image or click an example image, choose the rotating sphere animation button and create gif button on the next step! Your gif may take a couple of seconds to be created.
  • Please give us feedback using the email provided at the bottom of the page. We are always adding new features and want to hear from our users!
  • If you enjoy the site, consider joining our patreon! This will help us continue to add features and support the site :) https://www.patreon.com/3dgifmaker

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To repick options, click animate
Desktop Users can add depth to their images. Click and hold over the image where you want depth added. You can right click and drag (or alt and drag) to see the depth. Currently only the "360 spin, Clockwise Spin, and Tilted Zoom" animation will honor any depth added.